Wende - Carré

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  • Release year: 2019
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CARRÉ was Wende’s third live album, which she brought out on CD/DVD in October 2011. It’s a recording of her No. 9 theatre tour, on its closing night at Carré, when she played the concert to a fully-booked auditorium at the theatre. The audience is treated to a glittering performance which is a potent mix of both music and theatre. Electronic sounds and spectacular beats go hand in hand with a classical string ensemble and delicate piano pieces. Alongside the No. 9 repertoire in English, and two tracks in Dutch, ADEM UIT and DE WERELD BEWEEGT, the track list also includes four new tracks: SLOWLY, AS THE LADY WALKS ALONG, UNDERNEATH and SOFT SUMMER SYMPHONY. Special arrangements and orchestration by: Joost van den Broek.