The Outsider

6.5 / 10}
In another typical Jean-Paul Belmondo vehicle, the French action hero plays a policeman prone to advancing the cause of justice by any means necessary. On his agenda is a powerful drug cartel working out of Paris and Marseilles, with a drug lord (Henry Silva) who is essentially inaccessible -- but not immortal. Stunts (performed by Belmondo) and chase scenes on land and water enliven the story, but the scenes with Belmondo's love interest are rather marginal themselves.


Jean-Paul Belmondo

Commissaire Philippe Jordan

Henry Silva

Sauveur Meccacci

Carlos Sotto Mayor

Livia Maria Dolores

Pierre Vernier

Inspecteur Rojinski

Claude Brosset

Antonio Baldi

Tchéky Karyo

Francis Pierron

Jacques Maury

Maître Cappa

Gabriel Cattand

Contrôleur Dumas

Roger Dumas

Inspecteur Simon

Michel Robin

Alfred Gonet dit Freddy le chimiste