Grete Nordrå


Mother's Elling

Comedy , Drama

Elling has lived with his mother all his life. Mom is the practical one, while Elling ponders the more theoretical aspects of life. He spends his time in their apartment reading books and looking at the neighbours through the living room window. Elling doesn?t seem to need to be around others like most people. That?s why Elling is less than enthusiastic when his mother suddenly decides to take her son on a beach vacation to Spain. Reluctantly, Elling agrees ? after all, a lady at Mom?s age needs a good man by her side. But what Elling refuses to realize is that Mom is not only old, but also sick. Very sick. On her last vacation she tries to get Elling to see that life is bigger than their living room.

Nine Lives

Action , War , Thriller , Drama , Adventure

The movie takes place during World War II and depicts the true story of Jan Baalsruds amazing escape from the German army from the coast of Northern Norway and across the border to the neutral country Sweden.

Gone with the Fish

Drama , Comedy

Based on director Lotte Svendsen's own memories of her childhood on the Baltic island of Bornholm, but though it is set in 1981 the conflicts portrayed do not seem far away. At the start of the film Lars Erik and his wife Sonja are doing well on the Baltic island of Bornholm. Lars Erik is a successful fisherman, Sonja is a traditional housewife, proud of their new house bulging with consumer goods. Their love for each other is the sturdy footing on which their home is founded. Lars Erik employs three men on his trawler, and spends as fast as he earns, so when fishing quotas are cut he faces a crisis. One by one his men leave the boat, but he refuses to give up. Being a fisherman is like being a farmer - you depend on the wealth of mother nature herself. However, mother nature is like romance, highly capricious!



The first of Anja Breiens Wives trilogy.

Trost i taklampa

Comedy , Drama

The story takes place in a hedmark built during some summer weeks.



Knut'n (Bjorn Willenberg Andersen) comes home to the village on vacation with his wife Ingrid (Anne Krigsvoll) and daughters. He meets Atle (Jorgen Langhelle) "who have never achieved anything and still lives with his mother." Old conflicts and new jealousy comes up to the surface.

For dagene er onde


"For the Days Are Evil" - Based on Anne Karin Elstad's novel with the same name. The Norwegian-American Robert returns to his place of origins after many years overseas. He gets an intimate close relationship with the 36 year old woman Hildegunn, who is married to Tore. Hildegunn is the central figure in the movie. Her warm relationship to Robert soon create reactions with the people in the tiny fjordvillage, but Hildegunn is too blinded by emotions to see the destructive tension that is growing. "For Dagene Er Onde"/"For the Days Are Evil" is a gripping and intense story about how evil can grow from envy and collective misunderstanding, and destroy marriage, friendship and love.