Anne Krigsvoll


Aldri mer 13!

Drama , Family

13-year old Rikke sees Bea, the new girl in her class, as a challenge. After an endurance test to find which of them can lie longer in a circle of flames, they become friends. However, as a result of some unfortunate truths and half-truths, the friendship falters. Rikke feels that Bea has let her down, and resolves to continue the rivalry between them, but now in a less physical, more artful way. In addition we meet Rikke's elder sister Ninni, who has been in England to learn the language, and has had to leave her great love, a man twelve years her senior. The film is also about the problems Rikke encounters in fulfilling the expectations of those around her as she approaches womanhood.



Sara Philips is pressured into smuggling 2 kg heroin into Norway. She meets up with the narcotics agent Ted Hansen and lets him use her in a scheme to catch the powerful people in the drug cartel. While hiding in Ted's safe house, Ted himself tries to catch the badguys. Fatigued and frustrated with an inefficient police department, untouchable criminals and Sara's sexual provocations, he's on the verge on giving up. However, suddenly Ted gets a clue. A clue leading him to Karachi.

Women in Oversized Men's Shirts

Drama , Comedy

The dorkiest thing in the world, according to feminist poet Sigrid, is the movie cliche of the young woman who in the morning dons her male lover's shirt, looking adorably "indie cute". But when she begins a relationship with Kåre Tryvle, she has difficulties living up to her ideals. Meanwhile, pregnant performance artist Trine is planning to give birth in a cage, dressed up as Marie Antoinette, on camera, and factory worker Astrid is looking for the son she had adopted away.



Knut'n (Bjorn Willenberg Andersen) comes home to the village on vacation with his wife Ingrid (Anne Krigsvoll) and daughters. He meets Atle (Jorgen Langhelle) "who have never achieved anything and still lives with his mother." Old conflicts and new jealousy comes up to the surface.



Mr. Harald Isaksen is convinced he will die anytime. He is not completely happy with how life evolved - he'd love embellishing memories to be fully prepared to leave it - that day it will happen. A black comedy about the longstanding ability of tragicomic vanity.

For dagene er onde


"For the Days Are Evil" - Based on Anne Karin Elstad's novel with the same name. The Norwegian-American Robert returns to his place of origins after many years overseas. He gets an intimate close relationship with the 36 year old woman Hildegunn, who is married to Tore. Hildegunn is the central figure in the movie. Her warm relationship to Robert soon create reactions with the people in the tiny fjordvillage, but Hildegunn is too blinded by emotions to see the destructive tension that is growing. "For Dagene Er Onde"/"For the Days Are Evil" is a gripping and intense story about how evil can grow from envy and collective misunderstanding, and destroy marriage, friendship and love.

Going West

Comedy , Drama

An unemployed music teacher takes his estranged transsexual father on a road trip to the west coast of Norway, in order to honor his late mother's excellent quilting skills.



Who are we? Where do we come from? With private recordings, unique archive footage and stories from famous and unknown people, Trondheimsreisen takes a close and personal look at the history of Trondheim.